What is IFMA?
Launched in 1986, IFMA-Montreal is the active chapter within the Greater Montreal area for the International Facility Management Association, an organization which includes more than 22,500 members from 78 different countries.

Its objective is to bring together all those involved in the development and coordination of projects and services designed to provide an efficient working environment which respects and complies with a company's mission and activities as well as with the needs of all of their personnel.

This regional organization aims at supporting facility managers, supervisors and/or operations officers actively involved in their office services, buildings and facilities in all of their daily activities, and thus by providing them with:

  • A professional network of contacts;
  • A marketplace for exchanging ideas and advice;
  • A calendar of training and informative events.

Supporting, consolidating, and improving facility managers' skills as well as promoting the profession.

Presence within the Industry
IFMA-Montreal maintains privileged relationships with a great number of partners within the Montreal area. Amongst its members, there are facility managers from various renowned companies such as Hydro-Québec, Sodexo, Aéroports de Montréal, Air Canada, Héma-Québec, Dessau, etc.

The association now has a permanent secretariat. Each year, it presents a detailed events program, and on a regular basis, it publishes the Entre-nous Newsletter which is available only to members.

A Dynamic Board of Directors
Our current Board of Directors includes the following individuals: 

Paul Bastien
Servomax & theCoffeeCompany

Vice President
Jean-Christophe Messin
CBRE Limited

President Ex-Officio
Styve Laplante

Richard Voelker
Stealth Fire Protection

Treasurer (Interim)
Richard Voelker
Stealth Fire Protection

Director, Activities
Martin Létourneau
Groupe API

Director, Professional Formation 
Gérald Vincent

Director, Training
Gérald Vincent

Director, Communications

Director, Administrative Services
Katherine Powell

A Yearly Strategic Plan
The Board of Directors has implemented a strategic plan which is reviewed on an annual basis. This organized approach helps to achieve results and contributes to the organization's vitality. For next year's events, a plan has already been presented.

A Large-Scale & International Organization
The International Facility Management Association - IFMA is devoted to the profession's enhancement as it works in the interest of all of its members. It promotes excellence of achievement within the facility management industry.

Through IFMA, suppliers as well as industry representatives have access to a comprehensive program of events designed to support them and allow them to improve their practices. Activities include:

  • Lectures and Exhibits
    • The World Workplace - North America is one of the most prestigious yearly events with its exhibits, lectures and training programs.
  • The Self-Study Program
    • A Training Program involving on-line specialty training.
  • Windows of Opportunity for Facility Managers
    • A Web Site (http://www.ifma.org/) which allows quick and easy access to a wide range of information and services directly related to facility management.
  • Windows of opportunity for candidates
    • With JOBnet, an on-line service and job offer directory.
  • Exclusive Services for Members

This section is for students requiring some assistance in completing a stage or information with respect to their studies relating to facility management.

To submit your request, forward you information to the attention of admin@ifmamontreal.org