IFMA-Montreal's strategic plan emphasizes the promotion of the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) designation, as well as the FMP and SFP credentials.

It is with this approach that our upcoming activities will be oriented towards the eleven (11) competencies on which the exam is based. This way Facility Managers can obtain knowledge of the specific competencies.  The exam to obtain the CFM designation is available only in English. Therefore, the one-day exam can be given in Montreal if there are a sufficient number of participants.

Training for FMP credential is now available at Vanier College and the SFP credential will ba available shortly.

However, since it is recognized worldwide as being the reference within the facility management industry, IFMA provides many other training courses especially targeted or aimed at completing members' skills in order to help them become better facility managers. There is also Distance Teaching offered (in English only) through Self-Study.





 Frank Bartolone, CFM - Siemens Canada

 Patrick Bourque, CFM - Groupe Dynamite

 Michelle Brodeur, CFM, SFP - Quintiles Canada, Inc.

 Vince Di Domenico, CFM, FMP - ELAD Canada Operations

 Jean Claude C. Hojnik, CFM - Banque de développement du Canada

 Hubert Lauzon, CFM - Desjardins Group

 Luc Roy, P.Eng., AMD, CFM - McGill University

 David Michel, CFM - Rio Tinto Canada Management Inc.


 Saul Aronovitch, SFP, T.P. Leed AP, FMP - Vanier College

 Denise Bernachez, FMP 

 Loic B. Boyer, FMP - Vanier College

 Carl Bousquet, FMP - Sodexo

 Cyrille Collin, FMP - Sodexo

 Nathalie Daniel, FMP - Sodexo

 Pino Dattoli, FMP -Pino R Dattoli

 Marie-Claude Desjardins, FMP - CBRE

 Luc Dumont, FMP – Chartwell’s

 Elisabeth Farinelli, FMP - Brookfield Johnson Controls

 Joseph Ferrera, FMP -McGill University Health Center

 Caroline Gagnon, FMP - Sodexo

 Réjean Gosselin, FMP - Sodexo

 Hélène Laflamme, FMP - LGC, Laflamme Gestion Conseil

 Martin Lapointe, FMP - Sodexo

 Eric Larocque, FMP -Sodexo

 Michael Lessard, FMP - Michael Lessard Property Management & Services

 Sylvia Marino, FMP - Sodexo

 Nadine Martin, FMP - Sodexo

 Rémi Payette, FMP - Brookfield Johnson Controls

 Ludger Pilote, FMP - Sodexo

 Dumitru Proca, FMP - Federation CJA

 Monica Quinn, FMP - Epicor

 Lisa Ranger, FMP - Sodexo

 Michael Shields, FMP - Symcor Inc.

 Normand St-Gelais, FMP - Sodexo

 Jérome Texier, FMP - Sodexo

 Wendy Twerdun, FMP - Rio Tinto Canada Management Inc.

 Jade Youngblood, FMP - Driving Horse Creations